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The Tailor

Autographed 'Patchwork, Vol. 2' CD

Autographed 'Patchwork, Vol. 2' CD

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Just like the normal CD, but with an autograph on it! As a thank you for going above and beyond in supporting me and showing your love for the music, I'm autographing this CD for you as a sign of how much I value you and how grateful I am for your support and enjoyment of my music!!

With my first ever CD, you can own a physical copy of my most recent project, Patchwork, Vol. 2!! This project was all about growth and discovery, about my fear of change, and reckoning with the reality that everything in life in transient and uncertain.

Heavy right... but I do know one thing that is for certain. If you purchase this CD, I know for certain that you will be receiving 20 minutes of beautiful electronic music that works well in the background of a study session, or as a soundtrack to your late night drives. This CD can provide an epic score to everything from an existential crisis to your work day (or maybe both at the same time am i right)!! 

But on a more serious note, if you made it this far you must at least kind of like my music, so thank you so much for the support. There is one more thing that I can say for certain, and that is that there is no chance I would be releasing merch if it wasn't for you all, so thank you so much!!

Like every other piece of merch on the store, purchasing this autographed CD will also entitle you to 2 free stickers, and an exclusive trading card modeled after the artwork for my latest single, 'Pot of Greed'! 

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